We believe in making a difference and the power of contrast.

Together we envision tomorrow’s drivers while enhancing today’s reality. We call it accelerating transformation.

We will continue to build northern Europe’s most modern consulting company.

We believe that evolution and flexibility are mandatory. Technology creates possibilities. By bringing them together we drive change. What we do expands. How we do it challenges the ordinary.

Where structure and visionary thinking meet, we make strategies come alive. Where experience and innovation become one, we make a difference.

Carl-Magnus Månsson, CEO Acando

Investor news

THIRD QUARTER, JULY 1–SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 > Net sales of SEK 469 m (427) > Operating profit SEK 33 m (22) > Operating margin 7.1% (5.1) > Profit after tax was SEK 28 m (14) > Earnings per share were...
Acando B(ACAN B)
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0.00 0.00% 27.90 28.00 28.00 28.00 27.70 95310 2665158